O U R   S T O R Y

Technology in the coffee space has come along way, right along with the advances and public awareness of the quality standards around the brewing, sourcing, flavor nuances, understanding of varietals and even storage of roasted coffee (roast on dates vs expiry dates = freshness).

I’d say what excites us  most is the education over the last decade that has brought Direct Trade and an understanding of the beautiful characteristics enjoyed in single origin coffees with their various types of processing.

The ability to use the automation and design tools available in our modern age has now finally allowed us to take these outstanding coffees and meticulous brewing standards to support the workplace coffee enthusiasts out there.

We are getting familiar with terms like the “Cloud” (basically data storage off-site that can connect to many computers/people in many places) and the “Internet of Things” (smart appliances that keep track for you).  Workplace Hardware’s founders come from 3 generations in the office coffee business, pioneering a new model with each generation.

We are committed to perfecting the in-office coffee experience

We are not afraid to utilize new technology in order to achieve this goal. As a matter of fact, we have partnered / started some other incredible companies in order to make this dream a reality.

  • Panthera Technology is a software business that we own. Here we are building software that will fuel the future of break room automation.

  • Ratio Coffee is a coffee equipment business that designs and builds some of the most beautiful coffee brewers that exist.

  • Crema.co is another business we own that is leading innovation in coffee subscription.

Our Leadership Team

We are an ever growing team of hard-working, coffee-loving individuals dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. At Workplace Hardware we only use the very highest quality of equipment and we feel the same way when it comes to our people.


T O D D   H I B B S

 Service Lead

Todd spent many of his early years in the fields of construction and mechanics. Eventually he shifted to working with  Microsoft in development. Between these 2 fields he is the perfect candidate to lead our service tech teams ensuring that they are all well qualified to handle any issue our customers have in a timely and professional manner.

workplace hardware michael klassen president

M I C H A E L   K L A S S E N


Michael owns and has interest in many coffee based businesses all around the world. His long history in the coffee business gives him a unique perspective on the future of coffee. His vision is a break room that is 100% automated and can be managed by the device in the  palm of your hand. He is on a mission to simplify and beautify the coffee experience.

workplace hardware steve debarbrie sales

S T E V E   D E B A R B R I E

Sales Lead

Steve has decades of experience in marketing and building customer relationships. From running his own advertising businesses to working with large companies, Steve is a valuable asset to the team and ensures that every single one of our customers doesn't just feel good but is genuinely taken care of and treated right.

We can see a future where the whole break room is automated, all the pieces working on mobile devices so each drink and each offering is tailored to each user and the user can send their own personal feedback directly.  As a result we can make the experience better and more custom each day.  The equipment specify’s what needs replenishment and how much or how often and the equipment keeps track or alerts when it needs maintenance and whether it’s preventative (i.e. a water filter exchange) or critical (brewer malfunction).  But not just telling you, the equipment takes action sending the consumable product re-order list to whomever is specified or sending the service call to the appropriate repair person.  Ideally all happening without your direct intervention just keeping you informed as much or as little as you choose.

 In a busy workplace the coffee and other break room supplies are in constant fluctuation due to high consumption, thus it becomes quite a job just keeping tabs on it all.  We want to free up these tasks by assigning them to the actual equipment providing you the actual beverages because who knows better than the source.

topbrewer iphone app coffee maker
topbrewer iwatch app coffee maker

O U R   M I S S I O N

Workplace Hardware’s mission is therefore to bring Application Controlled, Cloud Based, Design Driven/Esthetically pleasing coffee equipment to workplaces throughout the world.  We are a full service solution not only looking to sell you the best of the best equipment in this category but working with architects and contractors from early planning on up to when we install.  From there we provide regular and emergency service going forward to protect your investment.  In addition we are concerned that the proper products be used in conjunction with the equipment to ensure the expected experience and quality output so we also provide spectacular but specifically approved coffees, chocolate and other allied items designed for use in the equipment.

  • Give us a heads up on what you're interested in.
  • Thank you so much for your interest! Alternatively you can reach us at inquiries@workplacehardware.com or 206-618-5858