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The Vision of Eversys is to develop an integrated vertical product offering, a compelling value proposition that promotes super-automatic espresso solutions to the level of traditional equipment, without compromise to quality yet with all of the benefits of electronic intelligence.

The Mission of Eversys is to evangelise its concept of the e’Barista, to promote leading edge in-cup experience-espresso as well as milk-based products, without constraints linked to space, productivity, consistency and…people.

The E4m

H I G H   V O L U M E    F L A G S H I P    M O D E L

The E2m

F L A G S H I P    M O D E L


For over 100 years, Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design. Not only do they offer excellent products, but also tailor-made solutions for the complex needs of their customers. Everything they do is unique – from the products they develop to the way they deal with their customers, partners, and employees.

Franke is exceptionally diverse. Whether with its history, key figures, sustainability, culture, or career opportunities, the Aarburg-based Swiss company is always full of surprises.

The A1000

F L A G S H I P   M O D E L

The A600

The A200


From their beginning, Egro has been renowned for its extraordinary know-how in the design and manufacture of fully automatic machines since 1934. Its technological soul is behind the "Swiss Coffee Technology" pay-off, an absolute guarantee of Helvetic professional excellence in the development of highly automated products.

They put their passion to the forefont and provide customized products with excellent serving performance that produce the finest quality coffee and milk beverages.


F L A G S H I P   M O D E L

The Zero


Scanomat has reimagined the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine with its innovative under-counter design, stylish swan-neck tap and app-control technology. Designed to meet the needs of today's coffee enthusiast, the TopBrewer integrates seamlessly into any environment to deliver a full range of premium drinks, with an incredible taste & quality, at the touch of the TopBrewer app.

At the start of each day, simply refill the coffee beans and fresh milk and the TopBrewer is ready to go in just 45 seconds.

The TopBrewer

F L A G S H I P   M O D E L

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Throughout the years, Cafection has become a true leader in the industry, with over 80,000 units in Canada and the United States. Although greatly improved since their debuts, the success and popularity of their coffee machines still lie on our brewing system and its unequalled freshness in every cup.

The Encore Venti

F L A G S H I P   M O D E L

The Encore Lite

The Encore 29


Give the hard working people at your workplace the coffee experience they deserve.

Give the hard working people at your workplace the coffee experience they deserve.