Long Lasting Equipment

At Workplace Hardware we strictly use the best when it comes to finding the right coffee maker. We spend a great deal of time in researching the best application based break room equipment available. Currently our favorite and only offering is the Top Brewer from Scanomat. We will continue to deep dive into this slowly evolving world of break room automation and provide you with only the best.

Perfectly Paired Coffees

TopBrewer coffee has been specially designed for the Top Brewer, and is  roasted by California artisan roaster, Lamill Coffee. The team at Top Brewer spends countless hours locating the best coffee farms around the world, sampling, batch-roasting, and finally producing, the best coffee for your Top Brewer.

Why is this important? Well, for us coffee geeks, the perfect espresso is dependent on many things, like water quality, pressure, grinding, etc.

The Top Brewer was designed to do all of these things just like a barista, but if the beans aren't perfect, no matter how good the process, the coffee will not taste good.

The coffees are secured through Direct Trade with coffee farms, ensuring a stable flow and premium quality of coffee. This also means that the same level of detail put into the Top Brewer itself, is applied to the  coffee. Ensuring a complete coffee experience, specifically designed for our customers.

An Unforgettable App

Top Brewer coffee maker was designed to deliver premium coffee quality beyond a barista with a new innovative & instinctive user experience that is seamlessly integrated into any environment. Introducing the Top Brewer App.

The Top Brewer app is free to download on iOS & Android and allows users to customise their drinks to individual preference, and even save a favourite to enjoy every time they visit a Top Brewer machine. The Top Brewer accommodates all types of cashless payment to make charging for drinks simple and easy.

Every Top Brewer drink can be customized to your personal preference. Depending on the drink selected, there are different parameters to choose from. Maybe you need a little extra caffeine to start your day - simply move the coffee slider up. Maybe you prefer decaf, low-fat milk or maybe even a flavour. No problem… the Top Brewer will help you find your perfect drink.


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