Private Barista Service Automated

The best available fully automated coffee equipment for your workplace. We handle everything.

Private Barista Service Automated


Not only do we provide  the best automated coffee equipment available, but we also provide different purchasing options. Wether you buy out right or lease, we'll make sure you're needs are cared for.



Our team of highly qualified technicians are well trained and ready to install your new equipment with ease. This way you and your team can start brewing fresh coffee right away with no hassle at all.



The equipment we choose to use is the very best in quality. On rare occasion there may be some minor issues. If anything comes up, we are available to solve any problems you might be having.



We won't just drop your machine off and leave you high and dry! We provide the very best when it comes to coffee, flavor mixes and cleaning solutions custom made for your machine.


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The Eversys E4m

Since the launch of its e'series in 2012, Eversys has developed a reputation for leading-edge quality, consistency, productivity and connectivity. The market views Eversys’ espresso quality as comparable to that produced by traditional equipment, which is praise indeed. Now Eversys is ready to launch the next range of machines, getting closer to its quest to produce equipment that can truly rival tradition by adding visual harmony to authenticity of products.


The Franke A1000

The A1000 produces even large quantities of drinks of all varieties with consistently outstanding quality, from all kinds of flavored coffees and enticing chocolate creations to creative mixed coffee and chocolate drinks. The optional flavor station for adding an extra twist to beverages with up to six flavors is ideal for fruity mixed milk drinks and all manner of individual creations.


The Egro BYO Top MIlk

The EGRO BYO combines design, functionality and superior quality in the cup in one outstanding super automatic. It is a medium to high volume super automatic espresso machine with an app-controlled user interface. The innovative user interface is as simple as using your smart phone.


The Scanomat Topbrewer

Scanomat has reimagined the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine with its innovative under-counter design, stylish swan-neck tap and app-control technology. Designed to meet the needs of today's coffee enthusiast, the TopBrewer integrates seamlessly into any environment to deliver a full range of premium drinks, with an incredible taste & quality, at the touch of the TopBrewer app. At the start of each day, simply refill the coffee beans and fresh milk and the TopBrewer is ready to go in just 45 seconds.


"Imagine having a private barista for a fraction of the cost."

Our mission is simple: To have everyone in your workplace genuinely look forward to starting their day. Wether it's dreaming about that perfect cappuccino or the first sip of that marvelous cortado, the extremely high quality super automatic coffee machines we sell, install, maintain and stock are the answer.

The companies we have partnered with provide machines that are not only more consistent than a barista but they are actually much cheaper too. We take all the guess work out of the process for you and your workplace to enjoy incredible coffee every single day.

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Give the hard working people at your workplace the coffee experience they deserve.

Give the hard working people at your workplace the coffee experience they deserve.